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  • Central de Ciclo Combinado de Mesaieed (Qatar)

    Mesaieed Combined Cycle power plant (Qatar)

    TÉCNICAS DEL CABLE has participated in the construction of the CCGT in Mesaieed (Qatar) built by Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construccion.

    It is one of the largest combined cycle power plants in the Middle East, with 2,000 megawatts (MW) of installed power . These new facilities, inaugurated by the Emir of Qatar in 2010, contributes about 40% of the electricity generating capacity of Qatar .

  • Central de Ciclo Combinado de Mittelsbüren (Bremen)

    Mittelsbüren Combined Cycle power plant (Germany)

    TÉCNCIAS DEL CABLE supplied power cables and instrumentation & control cables for Combined Cycle power plant located in the German city of Bremen

    With nominal installed capacity of 400 MW, produces electricity for 500,000 homes.

  • Ampliación de la Refinería de Khabarovsk (Rusia)

    Khabarovsk Refinery upgrade (Russia)

    In 2008, the Group launched a significant modernization program at the Khabarovsk Refinery, at Russia's Far East, to widen its production processes for a higher degree of oil refining, in order to produce lighter and higher value oil products.

  • PlantaS termosolares Valle 1 y 2 (Cádiz, España)

    Valle 1, 2 thermosolar power plants (Spain)

    Valle 1 and Valle 2 are two adjacent solar power plants with parabolic trough collector technology, located in San José del Valle (Cadiz, Spain).

  • Plantas termosolares en Andalucía

    Gemasolar thermosolar power plant (Spain)

    Gemasolar, located in Fuentes de Andalucía (Sevilla) is the first commercial-scale plant in the world that applies technology central tower receiver and molten salt thermal storage.

  • Central Termosolar Bookport (Sudáfrica)

    Bookport Thermosolar Power Plant (Sudafrica)

    The Central Termosolar Bokpoort be located near the town of Upington, Northern Cape province of South Africa.

    The facility will have a capacity of 50MW. The technology consists of parabolic trough collectors and energy storage system using molten salts.

    Tecnicas del cable supplied power cables to the consortium in charge of construction.

  • Central de Reserva Fría de Generación Térmica de Eten (Perú)

    Eten Power Plant (Perú)

    Eten Power Plant is a project to increase reserves of National Grid of Peru. Among the features of the plant stresses that its operation will be dual, based on natural gas and diesel.

    The project will be developed by the company Planta de Reserva Fría de Generación de Eten S.A., a joint venture formed by Cobra Peru and Enersa.

    The supply by Técnicas del Cable includes instrumentation cables and power cables.

  • Volgograd Refinery (Russia)

    Volgograd Refinery (Russia)

    It is one of the world's largest VGO light hydrocracker units: capacity of 3.5 million tons /year ,75% conversion ratio, a combined Sulphur production unit and hydrogen production facilities. It will allow an output increase of Euro-5 diesel fuel by 1.8 million tons per year by the end of 2015.

  • Khabarovsk Refinery (Russia)

    Khabarovsk Refinery (Russia)

    The complex project included a hydrocracker, hydrotreater, hydrogen unit, amine regeneration unit, sour water stripper, sulphur recovery unit, vapour recovery unit, waste water treatment unit, ground flare, tank farm and pump houses. This project enabled an increased capacity of 4.5 million tons/annum & 90,000 bbl/day.

  • Ma´adem Phosphate Company (Saudi Arabia)

    Ma´adem Phosphate Company (Saudi Arabia)

    The complex has four ammonium phosphate plants, one of the five largest in the world. Built in the industrial and mining city of Ras Az Zawr, it has a combined daily production capacity of 9,000 tons, an annual 3 million tons of phosphates.


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